Introductions and Getting Started Chat

Who’s here?

What brings you here and what skills would you like to contribute, or learn?


I’m Alexia. I am open to helping out with the design side of things. For example, web design. I would also like to contribute to testing the site’s accessibility. I would like to learn more information about the backend of this platform.


Welcome @aeglobal, i’m excited to have you here!

I’m Andy, the community founder. I know what the platform needs to do, and have insights to what users need from it from the past 8 years of supporting the project. I also know how the technical side ties together. I’m terrible at making things simple for users, but i do/will try to support the UX team as much as i can.

@aeglobal, @danyalamriben, @NJUX and others lurking here considering joining in, I thought of a good question to begin with:

Most of our team currently engage in silo’d discussions on Slack. We are moving as much of that as possible over to this forum now so that new team members arrive and see an energetic community which is exciting to be a part of.

I’ve just begun putting ads out again and so new people like Alexia are arriving here now to have a look. How do we engage new team members when they arrive to a site which needs a lot of improvement, and the activity levels aren’t yet apparent?
Can we find an improvement on flinging mud against the wall until some sticks?


I’m Mateo, I’m a UX/UI designer in a little company in Barcelona, redesigning a website right now with a focus on usability and accessibility. I love simple and minimalist designs, and I hope we’ll be able to do something great here.


Welcome @Mateo! Did you click the link in the Reddit DM I sent you?

I’m curious whether those went, or were blocked by a spam filter, as I sent about 40

Hi Everyone!

I’m Alen, I’m a UX/UI designer who is based in California and is currently in the middle of a career change. I decided to join because I’m looking for some real world scenarios where I can apply my design / user centered mindset while hopefully meeting and connecting with other like minded designers.

@AndyatFocallocal In regards to your question about the Reddit DM, I can’t speak for everyone but at least in my case it went straight into my inbox. So it wasn’t blocked by spam.


thank you. i’m pleasantly surprised, and very happy to have you here

Hey, @Mateo and @AlenHuang :slightly_smiling_face:

We’re so happy to have you here.
Cant wait to build intuitive, simple, modern design for our platform.
We extremely need your magic to turn this website to the worldwide tool for helping people to create a good in the world. :raised_hands:

Let’s change world together :orange_heart:

Hi, I’m Anthony Working for a Media Agency in India. Im a designer, into website designing, social media creatives. I want to use my skills for the betterment of the world around. Also learn new things along the way.


Yes! I’m Ratziel666 on reddit :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone!

This is such an exciting project!

I have studied and love Positive Psychology - the science of happiness. I’ve run workshops and developed content. Really enjoy this space. I have also taught online marketing for a while including UX and digital copy writing.

I have been creating Wordpress sites and fixing issues for years and now I am focusing on building things from scratch in HTML, CSS, Javascript. I will be learning React soon too. I’d love to work with this team and build up some experience. If you have any task recommendations that would be great.

Happy to be part of this. Have an awesome day all!


New users today. Just posting because if everyone joins in the team we build will transform this platform into an amazing experience where everyone who wants to build a brighter world can find each other and make it happen.

Also please do invite your friends and colleagues - the more the merrier. We’re building a system designed to focus thousands, or millions of users, so creating a self-growing community is definitely welcome.

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Hello everybody :wave:,

I’m Amin. I recently joined the team as a web developer and I hope I can start bringing value to the community.

It’s nice to meet you all.


Hello Amin. Would you like help getting started with a task?

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Yes please, I’ve read some of the documents available in this forum.

If there’s any onboarding/simple enough task for web developers I’d like to try it.

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your skills look to be quite well balanced @lit-codes. would you rather work on a Ruby-on-Rails, React, or backend task?

In the [boards for the Web Dev team]( is a complete overview of all webdev tasks, but that is probably too broad to be useful to get started with.

I’d rather start with React as it’s most similar to what I’m doing right now.

Cool. the tasks are here: (there’s a lot i still need to move over from Trello).

I recommend the different colour icons task. Just in case you haven’t found it, there is a guide in the documentation tag here about setting up a local version to work on.

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