About the Brighter Tomorrow Map

welcome! this category is where we will can discuss and shape the tasks for the ‘Hack Homelessness and Happiness Hack-a-Thon’, and add them to our Missions (Trello), to make sure that we fully utilise the skills and time of the magnificent people who come along to support us; finishing with a fully operational map to help those who are living on the streets around the World, and a hub to attract more people into creating local Positive Action projects, globally!

this forum is for open discussion based on the storyboard method. once a general consensus has been achieved tasks will be formed from the discussion over in ‘Missions’

Our Action Center contains all the resources available to you

Hi, guys, the Hackathon is fast approaching!Perhaps we should have a fun brainstorming session? Why is this important?

*It may help uncover areas that have been overlooked, and strengthen existing ideas before the Hackathon this coming Saturday

The more ideas we generate, the better likelihood of finding quality answers. For this to work we must observe some rules:
*Be as creative or conservative as you want.
*Do not judge each other’s ideas
*Answer one or more questions that interest you


*Non-technical people
In what ways might we help non-technical or first-time hackathon members contribute?

*Homeless map & brighter tomorrow map
In what ways might we improve the maps?
In what ways might technology being used to help the homeless?
In what ways might we define project success?
In what ways might we identify and address core issues facing the homeless?

In what ways might we improve the Focallocal website?
In what ways might we improve fundraising?
In what ways might we define project success concerning the Focallocal Website?

*Project Management
In what ways might we organise groups on the day?
In what ways might we ensure effective teamwork?

If you can think of additional questions, let me know, and I’ll update the list…

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i’m going to say number 1 task is to fix the email notifications in this forum. i thought they were resolved but no, and it will make co-ordination almost impossible tomorrow

A workaround might be to message participants on Facebook detailing how to enable desktop notifications in the discuss forum. That way people can be notified in real-time of any activity. I created a visual guide on how to do this as a last resort - please see attachment


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last resort is great. anyone who wants to look into whats up i can give admin access. @jon did you get an email about this reply

I did get an email notification - does this mean the issue is fixed?

umm. maybe. i haven’t received any on my gmail since my sign up confirm link.

although you can see that emails are going out …just i’m not getting them, and neither did Matina

Are you and Martina listed under the Mailing List tab?

i doubt it. we haven’t signed up. shouldnt need to be though, notifications should come from any activity you have replied to, unless you turn them off