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5 years. Five! and our website is still almost invisible. We’ve promoted facebook over it, but have long since out-grown stalker book, and now our site is being built into an incredible hub of collaboration around positive action, all over the World. Now we need the World to know about it. To grow into a Movement with the power to sweep happiness, connection, kindness and peace around the World you’re skills are needed. What can you do to make that happen?

Here you can:

  • discuss what missions could bring this to the attention of everyone, online. everywhere. We are not aiming low here!
  • tell others what you’d like to do, see change
  • find others to collaborate with
  • get advice and learn new skills
  • ask for feedback
  • arrange meetings (online and in person)

You’ll find suggested videos and tasks in ‘Missions’, when complete share your success with the community in the Hero Hub > Missions Complete

Andy :0)