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Hi everybody. My name is Pablo and I’m from Argentina.
I’m kinda starting out in web development, i’ve been programming at an acceptable level for about a year now and I thought it would be a good time to start contributing to some open source projects like this one.
My stack is:
Frontend: React, Redux, Material UI
Backend: Node js, express
ORM and Databases: Sequelize, SQL, Mongoose, MongoDB

If I’m being honest I’m kinda freaking out rn, but I guess that’s a good sign. I really hope I can help, grow and learn new stuff here

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I forgot to add my timezone, which is Buenos Aires time (GMT-3). I’m free every morning up until like 11 am(GMT-3) and most afternoons

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Hi Pablo, welcome to the build. I’ll copy my earlier reply here as it might be useful for others.

You can grab any task you like which is in the Sprint or Backlog lists, just drag it across to the Doing column and Assign it to yourself. You’ll probably find setting up a Localhost tricky as most new devs do. Please reach out for help and advice as much as you need as we know that can be fiddly.

Please introduce yourself to the others in the Introductions thread here, and copy paste your skills from this message. Also it’ll help if you include your timezone and preferred times and days for video calls if you’d like to join our weekly meetings, which aren’t essential depends if you prefer to just code or get to know who you’re coding with.

The most critical tasks right now are in the pre-launch timeline here have a look and see which matches your skills best.

You’ll find a Getting Started guide in the header of all categories here which will help you get started, if you’ve not found how to navigate here check out the Navigating this pre-launch platform guide, which is at the top of every page.

I saw on Linkedin that you’re interested in blockchain and security.

You’d be very welcome to support me modifying this code so that it exports the correct data from our platform to a spreadsheet on Google Drive which our token uses to determine which wallets to distribute newly minted tokens each month, and how much.

Obviously that’s a temporary solution so your security mindset while we build that will bring ideas for the more complete system which replaces it in the full launch version. I’m not much of a coder, i just poke around when needed. My role is in supporting others, guiding the vision until not needed anymore, and publicising the project.

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Hi Andy,
I really must apologize for taking so long to reply.
Recently my current company and position has been handling a bunch of software challenges and emergency fixes, lol. Pulling many all nighters~~~

Really must apologize, but I still need some time to work through the backlogs in my current project before being able to circle to Public Happiness.
But I definitely hope and wish the Public Happiness project thrives and flourishes, and really hope to be a part of it, as soon as I get my team back on track.

Best regards,

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Ok, we’ll look forwards to seeing you again when things slow down at work then

This thread is getting too long and after each new member comments there’s always following chat about how to get started so i’m locking this thread and creating a category where new members to post their introduction in instead.

Find it here.