Weekly News, Updates and Timeline

Enjoy articles about our communities successes in creating kindness, happiness and peace on earth in our community newspaper/blog/magazine. Everyone is welcome to create and post an article here (articles are reviewed and might be edited by admins here).

Timeline of Major Tasks and Milestones

Pre-launch - Just developers and foundation builders here

Alpha Launch - Core Team and a few early members to test the platform

Beta Launch - Invite only entry to platform asking people to only invite their their most positive and pro-active friends to set the culture here

Launch - MVP platform is fully functional and intuitively guides users to contribute to the eco-system effectively

  • Launch Party Hacks go ahead for each individual platform to grow the token economy powering our platforms and mission
  • Full UX review begins

@Marvelxy @cw00dw0rd @tmcnulty @lylycarrillo and everyone else, I’ve created this thread based on discussion at our last video call.

Can you please use this thread for posting your updates and use his format:

  1. Post the date at the top (if its not the same as the post above it) with a # in front to turn it into a title
  2. Post you name in bold by adding two ** in front and behind it so the thread is easy to browse.

18th April 2022


Its been a quiet and uncomfortable week for me as me and my wife both i came down with Covid hard. We’ve both had the booster vaccine so i was really surprised at how rough it was tbh and i’ve mostly focused on successfully crawling from the bed to the toilet this week.

Outside of that important achievement i have:

  • Created a draft for two new chapters in our Whitepaper and posted them live, based on discussions with @lylycarrillo. You are welcome to review them and suggest additions/edits, especially as some are very light and just placeholders waiting for your input input. Its chapters 7 and 8, and i’ve also updated chapter 6.
  • Created the timeline above of our major pre-launch challenges. Can anyone suggest anything else?
  • Worked on the web notifications. No solution yet, but i’m closer and will keep working on it.
  • Arranged a Public Happiness event with the local council in Setubal where i live as i’m working towards a collaboration to get some test users live on the Local side of our platforms.
  • Solved the windows inside windows bug with @Marvelxy and @syl
  • Continuing to seek venues and a team to help build and run our Launch Party Hacks
  • Some general forum/admin improvements and updates including solving the long standing images in banners issue which broke our platform formatting and added thumbnail images besides threads to make the forum look more appealing.
  • Successfully crawled to the toilet during 7 days of utter unpleasantness
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Sorry @AndyatFocallocal , I hope you both get well soon. It’s strange that people are still getting covid after all the shots :man_facepalming:. I can only say “big pharma” are using us as their lab rats and making money at the same time :man_shrugging:

I’ve not had any covid vaccine, and I’ve not got covid. Lucky me I guess.

The stats on death rates are pretty clear between vaccinated and unvaccinated. Some people get lucky, others don’t. I hope you will be, and it’s great that you’ve been being careful.

I would guess that I would have been in hospital now without it as it hit me so hard. My wife’s was a little less severe and she shook it off in 2.5 days, while I was down with fever and a migraine that made thinking about anything a real challenge for a week.

I hope you carry on staying safe :slight_smile:

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You are right, I’ve seen it for myself. Well, I will eventually take the vaccine at some point. But for now, I will keep being careful.

All good. I’m glad you both are doing great now :slight_smile:

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Hi all, I had to travel for business and then unfortunately also came back with covid so I have been a bit unavailable for the past few weeks. I will try and give setting up the local environment another shot.

@Marvelxy has there been any further progress on the Flutter app?


@jmarks.joshua has just made a PR which should make setting up a dev environment easier. Its waiting for Tom to review it before it goes live, but i’d suggest you add it to your build as it will probably help :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear you’ve been down with Covid @cw00dw0rd. I had it 2 weeks back too and it was horrible. Excited to see the app coming together.

Sorry to hear you got covid. Get well soon @cw00dw0rd

Well, I’m not done setting up my Flutter workspace. I will complete the setup soon and start the iOS version.

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I finally finished setting up my flutter environment :partying_face:

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This is the iPhone version. I will do some changes and open a pull request

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@cw00dw0rd , do we have tasks created for the mobile version? I’m happy to do a brain storming session just in case :slight_smile:

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@WebDev I thought it would be a good time for an update as things have been a little quiet lately around here.

On my side:

  • I’ve set up a Slack sync with this forum i had long promised Tom so that he can communicate with us while at work if we have questions, and been working on videos of all our past activities ready for when users come onto PHM.
  • The vids are complete and i’ll begin dropping one every 2 to 3 days once we invite the 1st burst of users onto here
  • I’ve been working hard on getting groups to join in and support the hack in July, but unfortunately with limited success so far.
  • I’ve been working on updating our Whitepaper as the current one was 3 years out of date, and also on writing the text for the BTM homepage, along with selecting the most appropriate stats for the homepage of a homelessness project. I’m setting up a slow burn user onboarding scheme for that platform which we can begin as soon as the search bar on the homepage is complete, and either @Marvelxy completes the floating footer, or @cw00dw0rd sets up a walk-though - so we’re not sending users in there blind.
  • I’m also looking around for a blockchain incubator program as that would bring with it a much wider network of support, and experienced advisors to help with our launch and early growth.
  • I’m going to put ads out for more devs to join us again tomorrow.

Any suggestions or guidance on those is very welcome. How’s everyone else getting on?

Sorry for the downtime today everyone. The latest Discourse update broke a few plugins and it was a real pain to work our which ones it was.

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I’ve made some good progress with researching our apps. Its now possible to get an iOS app for this platform which will give you notifications, although they do come with a bit of a delay.

I flopped a bit on bringing new devs into the project lately. I made a few posts which got our Github more stars, but no new devs reached out. Although i have worked a bit on improving the path from Github to joining in, and have been posting our community on OpenSource project finding resources.

I’ve also made excellent progress on the token distribution bot and believe we should be able to get it hooked up to all platforms within two and begin rewarding everyone for their efforts here, which will begin to pull more people into our eco-system and help keep people engaged. The 1st token release will reward everyone’s efforts from the beginning of the project :slight_smile:

Finally i’ve been able to pull out all the stats @scottly426 will need for our homepage stats section, and its easily modifiable for our other platform(s), we can simply pull a different stat if desired and it’ll be pulled into the homepage. I’m not sure i have the skills to automate this manual process though and likely will need some help.

Our main barriers to launch are:

  • The non-functioning search bar on the homepage which @Marvelxy was working on
  • Automating the manual stats download. @scottly426 i think your skills would cover that, is it something we can chat about soon?
  • Fixing the categories bug in Docuss, which currently prevents comments from working in events on any of our platforms. @syl if you’d be kind enough to have a look it would be very helpful. I believe its as simple as Discourse have updated their hotkeys as ‘alt-a’ now hides/shows tags rather than the category bar as before.
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@WebDev Sorry for the downtime today. Seemed to hit one issue after another and been working on them all day, night and morning. The latest Discourse update broke Docuss (and a few other plugins), which is why our homepage has disappeared.

In some good news, i’ve decided i need to start talking about our project publicly again to begin attracting more people and have lined up a podcast in 2 weeks time, and an interview with Scripps National News from the US (…who i know nothing about, but it’s good practice after 2-3 years not doing anything like it).

I’ll post both videos here so you get to watch them too, and hopefully wont be too rusty and look silly :slight_smile:

I know the platform isn’t quite ready for users, we’re not far away though now!

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@WebDev …and we’re back!!

Sorry for the downtime. It was a failed discourse upgrade which seems to be happening waaay too often lately. We need to improve our insulation from downtime.

  1. We’re already planning on having a testing/staging platform which we can update 1st and should catch conflicts before they go to a live site.
  2. @Marvelxy suggested we create a backup core staff emergency channel. What would be your preferred medium out of whatapp, telegram and signal?
  3. any other suggestions?

Also success story!

@syl your Docuss fix is online and its working fantastically, well done!!

I’m on national TV in the US :slight_smile:

Tbh, they’ve kinda misrepresented our interview and presented things i said in a different context. Still, with our new Global Public Happiness Creation website almost ready for launch after years of building with volunteer web developers, its nice to start getting some publicity

I’m on a podcast :slightly_smiling_face:

Getting ready to relaunch Focallocal rebranded as The Public Happiness Movement (to be more self-explanatory), so i’ve begun doing speaking gigs about our Movement, myself, creating happiness and how blockchain tech can support all of those things.

Takes a bit of getting used to so please ignore me getting tied into knots failing to explain stoicism, otherwise what do you think?

Overall was it interesting?

Anything you wanted to hear that i didn’t mention

Anything i did that was probably better excluded?

Weekly update from my side

For the dev side:

For the Project Management side:

The current goal is to bring more Reactjs, MeteorJs, Javascript and System Admin devs into the project to reach launch, and also bring in PR and Marketing people to prepare a campaign to spread awareness once we go live.

I’m trying to solve them all in one right now by putting together a Reddit-wide online hackathon to bring some momentum into our build. Starting with launching our homelessness platform (BTM) to demonstrate what types of projects can be built on our meta (this platform). The hack will begin with system-admins to improve stability in our localhost setup making it easier for more people to join in here. As i run 4 of the subreddits required with around 50,000 members the plan will bring some people into the team, but how successful it is depends on how many other sub-reddits join in.

  • After the homelessness platform launches this platform will also be ready for a wider community to begin growing here as most of the code is shared, so i can begin onboarding our wider network into action to create a kinder, friendlier world and we can begin marketing efforts to attract more people and grow our capacity to create positive change in the world.

  • Next we’re intending to clone this platform and launch it as an incentivised community led climate action platform

  • The final planned platform launch hooks an NFT reward system in to launch another clone platform which funds local artists in covering up graffiti with beautiful murals.

  • After the pre-planned platforms launch we’d carry on with our missions on each separate platform, and pivot the PHM Foundation (yourself and all others who were essential in the pre-launch and early days) into supporting the ideas put forward by the community here for how this platform grows and spin-offs can use our code to create positive change in the world.

For the Blockchain side:

  • I’ve created our token with the functionality of minting new tokens every month

  • I’ve found a plugin which allows us to export the user engagement data from this platform to a Google sheet via SQL queries, and now i’m working on writing the code for it (i’m not an experienced coder and may or may not be able to work this out without support).

  • The next step is to hook the distribution of the tokens minted up with the google sheet, which i don’t expect to be too difficult.

As its just me working on the last two i haven’t broken it into tasks and put them into the Project Management or Blockchain categories (which is lazy). If you want to help out with either then i’ll begin breaking them up into tasks and posting them correctly.

Essentially we’re building an evolving, member-led platform which connects people and communities around taking action on causes they care about. Our Meta site (PHM) is focused on Random Acts of Kindness, and incentivised project to create a kinder, friendlier world.

I’m writing a guide to navigate this platform in its current state as its not intuitive yet and a few things don’t work. Its very flexible so there is no one correct way, but i’d recommend beginning with the ‘Global’ tab at the top, and in each category look for the ‘Tasks’ tab

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