Getting Started The Science of Well Being by Yale University

Welcome to the Science of Well-Being learning support group. Here we discuss each week of the course and our journeys in understanding well-being better, and applying it to design a happier life. Tools: Getting Started Guide - Course Link


Say Hi in our Introductions thread. I also suggest stating your intentions from this course, what do you want to get out of it. It’ll help to guide your studies and keep you motivated.

Course Link

Click the ‘join free’ button in the top right of the screen


Here’s the Android App for Meta. It does make communications easier and more fluid. The iOS version is coming soon.

Weekly Online Discussion

I strongly suggest you follow this format while learning.

  1. open the weekly discussion open on your phone before watching the weeks videos on a different device if possible
  2. start a comment and copy paste the headings at the top of the weekly discussion thread into your comment (the app saves drafts so you won’t lose it if it closes accidently).
  3. at the end of each video, or during it, jot down your thoughts. Any ‘ah ha’ moments, those will be your key take aways.
  4. do the same while working through your rewirements

Why you ask? Because finding time in your schedule to do a course like this takes energy and effort. If you follow the advice above you only need to motivate yourself once and then you’re done for the week. If not you’ll need to find that energy to get started 2 or 3 more times. Do it once and get it done :slightly_smiling_face:

Weekly Video Call

Our weekly video call with be on Sunday at 6pm (UK time). A video of the call will be uploaded so you can watch it afterwards if you miss it, and you are welcome to use the course calendar to suggest your own video chats with others doing the course. If enough people sign up to a different time that’ll become the main call and if no-one signs up to the 6pm Sunday one then we’ll drop it.


Add the calendar to your preferred calendar, google calendar for example, to keep updated More details here


If you cannot access any of the below resources, please contact @admins

Most up-to-date links to project resources:

Further Learning

This community is a great place for learning a new skill. Just search for the #learning tag combined with any skill you’d like to learn to see if others have posted free courses, and are learning that skill here too. The benefits of learning here are:

  • Crowd sourced learning resources
  • Others to learn with
  • Experienced professionals who want to support, mentor and offer guidance to those earlier on the same path
  • Free or discounted courses to get qualifications
  • Learn your skill by contributing to building projects in the real world
  • Tasks posted suitable for beginners, and with experienced industry professionals you can call with an @ command to check your work and give feedback/support
  • Tasks are public. Future employers can check what tasks you’ve done, follow how your skill advanced, see which projects you’ve built, and how you communicate with a team.

1st one here? Post in forums and bring others over. There’ll be no shortage of people who want to learn while building positive projects which create a kinder, happier world.

@tmcnulty @PierreEvans @kimberang @KatiaEstrela I’ve updated the Weekly Online Discussion section with a method that’ll make keeping up with this course much easier.