New Homepage

I’ve made a mockup of the new homepage here by pulling together concepts from the long design sessions we had in the UX and UI teams. The existing design was made to be a temporary working one until a complete design could be finished, i’ve built upon that concept.

To build this you’ll likely need to work with the @Rubyonrails team to get the hooks/api to all the data needed. Don’t worry everything in Discourse is documented and easy to grab and pull in.

The search bar needs to be set to search for tags and show tag intersections. i.e homelessness, reactjs would take you to that tag intersection which will mostly be full of posts about the brighter tomorrow map

@UXers what do you think?

I think as part of the ‘economy’ stats we should also include ´developers working on’ and pull that figure from our Github as that is an important metric for a digital economy.

Here’s the final Background image:

DM me to get the high-res version, and in the mock up we planned to move the text to the top, which is an easy task and i can do that for you.