Adding links in React (using React Router and CardLink)

Urls added in the React or Docuss part of the code need to be valid React links.

In fl-maps, Docuss relies on React Router to interpret links correctly, so any link not going through React Router won’t work.

You can see an example of it being pulled in here (and everywhere else where class CardLink is used). Rather than using “href” please use this:

<Link to='/something_here'>Go to somewhere</Link>

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Hey @AndyatFocallocal ,

I added a fix. Let me know if this works. Replace cardlink with react link component. by Marvelxy · Pull Request #1123 · focallocal/fl-maps · GitHub

Also, I noticed this task is not on the board, and I don’t know why. I’m currently working with Trello and Jira, so i keep forgetting how our board works :man_facepalming: . When you can, please help me add this task to the board.

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Ok, done :slight_smile: