Flutter Apps General Thread

Any tasks suggested in here please turn them into their own task and add the correct tag to them

@cw00dw0rd @Marvelxy Is this what you wanted

@Marvelxy I have pushed the code to the new repo

Feel free to make any changes you like. The main thing I am curious about is if this method works for iOS and then we can work on making it look better. Can you check and let me know please?


@cw00dw0rd I’m not sure if this is any help, but i found this iOS app someone else built a while back.

They mention that they never managed to get push notifications working though.


I also found that the hosted version the Discourse team offer comes with its own multi-site apps, which is a Discourse forum client so users need to open it and then click on the forum they want to view (after they’ve typed its url in once and saved it).

The apps both offer push notifications, although the iOS notifications aren’t live and have a pretty significant delay.

Discourse Hub on Android

Discourse Hub on iOS

I can’t find the current code for it on Github, but there does look to be an old version here

Also this thread is very worth reading as it’ll make App building for iOS much easier!

I wonder if the push notifications in the iOS app i posted in my previous comment would work once apple make this update.

I did actually receive the push notification on my phone for this message at least. However, I am pretty sure there have been instances where I haven’t. I also intentionally went into the forum settings and enabled notifications. Unfortunately, I’m not able to test iOS.

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@cw00dw0rd I updated the notification settings and that seems to have fixed/improved it for me. I got one for your reply. I’m not sure if maybe it’s a limit to how many you get/day, as there is with email notifications.

What are your thoughts on the iOS app in GitHub that I posted above vs our planned Flutter build, and do you think the new Apple update would fix notifications using that code?

With the app linked above it seems to only be for the forums integration right? So, the full site wouldn’t work in the app just the forums?

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I can’t check the iOS version, but Discourse hub loads the full site. I think both will work as we’re loading the React App inside of Discourse in an i-frame