Install Disorder

Hello Andy, I was able to setup discourse and install both Disorder and Docuss and its currently working on my localhost, I believe I need access to a server to be able to install this right? I also saw there is a different way of installing it from the way I did it on my localhost, is this a task for an admin or can I do this myself?
I was also able to setup the meteor+react.js app on localhost.

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That’s great news. I’ve been worried to upgrade to the new discourse version. If it’s running without breaking Docuss on your machine then let’s go for it.

This task was mostly about testing, I’ll upgrade and install it today :slightly_smiling_face:

Great job on getting localhost running!

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Before you do that I’m gonna test it fully and see if everything works, I’ll do it when I wake up.
Is there any other task that you recommend me doing?

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I appreciate you double checking. We aren’t able to revert if it goes wrong so are vulnerable to updating Discourse until we get our Testing server back up.

This one is modifying an existing plugin, would you be comfortable to give that a go?

So I might not have it setup properly but as soon as I restart the server when I add the Docuss plugin it stops rendering the page completely but no errors in the console, I only see the time it took to load the page on the top right but that is it, this was done on a discourse localhost setup. I attached an image.

Also, what is the name of the plugin you want me to modify?

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Not a lot to go on.

Did you read and follow the Docuss guide in the Documentation section?

Sorry i got the tasks mixed up. The one above is creating a new plugin with CSS rules assigning a colour to a post based on the tags it has. Writing a new one is a great way to get a handle on how they work.

Alternatively this one is modifying an existing plugin: [Kanban plugin] Zoom in/out button on the kanban board to give a quick overview

Sorry for the late reply, I was travelling

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Sorry for the late reply, I’ll read more about Docuss tomorrow and during the weekend to see if I can solve that problem.

Also I read a bit about making plugins and saw a template to start making one, I’ll get in to that after the Docuss thing.

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Sorry for the ausence, been having a few interviews. Will get back in to this project as soon as I can :slightly_smiling_face:

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Looking forwards to it :slightly_smiling_face: