[Discussion] How is the best way to handle notifications across the app moving forwards

@WebDevelopers following on from our video call tonight, what is the best way to handle notifications across the site moving forwards.

@cw00dw0rd mentioned the important point that the platform won’t be fully functional until the events on the Local side are also giving push notifications to remind users they have an activity coming up (unless users deselect that).

The app is currently set up as a custom Chrome Tab (WebView) so it relies on the notifications coming from the main site. Once the user is properly prompted for notifications via the desktop browser, they should also be prompted via the app.

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Right now i don’t have Slack open on my phone, but i received a notification from Tom.

That is the expected behaviour for the app and what it was doing about 6 months ago, but not what is happening now.

I’m going to compare the permissions settings of the two now.


Autostart: No
Permissions Allowed: Files and Media
Not Allowed: Camera, Contacts, Microphone, Phone
Other Permissions:
Show on Lock Screen: Yes
Display pop-ups while running int he background: Yes
Permanent notifications: Yes


Autostart: No
Permissions Allowed: None
Not Allowed: None

Other Permissions:
Show on Lock Screen: No
Display pop-ups while running in the background: No
Permanent notifications: Yes

I think these are the permissions out of the box as i recently redownloaded our app and haven’t changed anything since.