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Building a highly engaged and pro-active community which evolves to more effectively achieve its underlying mission, and rewards users for contributing to the ecosystem and shared mission. Tools: Design Principles - Getting Started Guide - Join the Team

Getting a message to the World is what the Focallocal Movement exists for. We have an idea to make this world a better place to live in for everyone, and thousands already support us and want to live in that world. We need to make that message stronger, put it in the right places, make this call action heard far and wide. The World needs this coming change, and your skills are needed to make it happen!

Here you can:

  • discuss what needs to be improved
  • tell others what you’re working on
  • find others to collaborate with and make our message delivery stronger
  • get advice and learn new skills
  • ask for feedback
  • arrange meetings (online and in person)

You can find and post suggested tasks in ‘Tasks’, when complete move them into > Missions Complete

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