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Ruby on Rails (Discourse and Docuss) Our community platform is built using a pretty sexy integration between React Js and Ruby on Rails. This gives us the ability to have our React app powering the community building, discussion and admin area through Discourse - which has fabulous documentation and ability to work with and develop, and gives us the support of one the worlds biggest and best opensource projects, who all seem very keen on our ideas to apply the strengths of their platform in a very different way. Brighter Tomorrow Map Tools: Github - Missions - Roadmap - Chat - Live Map UX The UX team is concerned with improving this platform’s usability. Please begin contributing to this vision by clicking here Wordpress React Js and Meteor SEO Tools: Chat - Missions - Action Center HTML Rule #1: Invite you most positive and proactive friends and contacts. that's how Movements start! UI and Design
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A forum to post bugs related to the Brighter tomorrow map.

16 14 February 2019
Andy's Vision for Platform
11 23 July 2019
Find a place to put important links to resources for each community
4 22 July 2019
Discourse-category-banner not playing nice with docus (bottom of page is cut off/unreachable) 2 22 July 2019
Design a cross-team way to share our successes and changes we've made to the site
1 22 July 2019
Create or Find Category Copy Tool 1 22 July 2019
PHM navbar doesn't collapse on iPad screens 1 22 July 2019
Auto-hide the 'uncategorised' column 2 22 July 2019
PHM Navbar, and Kanban component, not available on default or dark themes 3 22 July 2019
Bug: Discourse Category Banners theme component conflict 4 21 July 2019
General Discussion on Improving our Platforms UX Design

@danyalamriben @NJUX i’ve set up this documentation to help you work with teams task management using our Kanban plugin and the Action Center. See the ‘Missions’ tab above this post. Lets test it out 1st in your UX Ca…

10 21 July 2019
Add a validator to the settings to prevent mistakes breaking the kanban theme component 1 21 July 2019
Fork the Kanban Theme Component Github in our Git 1 21 July 2019
Break the categories in the admin section up into their own individual setting 1 21 July 2019
'General Discussion' thread all Team categories in this forum sync'd with their mirror thread in Slack 2 21 July 2019
How to make our website easier and more pleasant to use? Examples what are we aiming for
15 21 July 2019
Kanban format leaves a forced left-margin 6 21 July 2019
Docuss Links added into pages on the map 7 20 July 2019
Bug: When 1st loading the site it occasionally loads cards from other categories and needs refreshed 1 19 July 2019
Set lists should appear regardless of whether there are cards with that tag found or not 1 19 July 2019
Edit kanban theme component to allow it to load on tag-pages 1 19 July 2019
Add a 'Discussion' hyperlink link above the kanban (Mission) boards which skips users down the page 1 19 July 2019
Build a Burn Up chart underneath the boards (in zoomed out view only) 1 19 July 2019
Zoom in/out button on the kanban board to give a quick overview 1 19 July 2019
Kanban Plugin: Make drag an drop work in mobile 1 19 July 2019
Docuss fix on a page is broken 3 18 July 2019
Add Docuss to News.focallocal.org 1 18 July 2019
Investigate error message - new site looking for our menu? 1 18 July 2019
Improve the 'gather' button on Focallocal. Org
5 15 July 2019
Information architecture created
1 9 July 2019