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Brighter Tomorrow Map Tools: Github - Missions - Roadmap - Chat - Live Map HTML Rule #1: Invite you most positive and proactive friends and contacts. that's how Movements start! Wordpress SEO Tools: Chat - Missions - Action Center Sys Admin, Backend and Security Sys Admin, BAckend and Security. Maintaining, Improving and Protecting the platform’s backbone, and all the projects built on it. Tools: Getting started Guide - Join the Team Ruby on Rails (Discourse and Docuss) Ruby on Rails. Building mostly in the Build section of our platform (this forum), and supporting the projects being built on it. Tools: Getting started Guide - Join the Team React Js and Meteor ReactJs and Meteor. Building mostly in the Gather section of our platform, and supporting the projects being built on it. Tools: Getting started Guide - Join the Team UI and Design UX Team The UX team is concerned with improving the usability of this platform and the projects built on it. Tools: Getting Started Guide - Join the Team
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Who’s here? What brings you here and what skills would you like to contribute, or learn?

60 22 November 2019
Report any Bugs you find

A forum to post bugs related to the Brighter tomorrow map.

20 10 August 2019
Reviewing new Global section before we begin the build 36 9 December 2019
New Logo for The Public Happiness Movement 53 5 December 2019
Date browsing ability added to the map 1 3 December 2019
Fork the Kanban Theme Component Github in our Git 1 21 July 2019
Create React and iOS apps from the Discourse stock app 39 24 November 2019
Getting Started - UX/UI Design/Feature Decision Making 1 31 March 2019
UX Checklist 1 28 July 2019
Suggestion: Squad button in every tag-page banner. To join a group and be notified each time someone tags you 3 22 November 2019
Users posting a resource are automatically subscribed ('following') the Discourse topics on their page 8 22 November 2019
Different coloured dots 1 8 August 2019
Bug: If users click enter when the form hasn't recognised the address correctly, then they are unable to change the address 8 17 November 2019
Bug: i18n states 'Resource Category', map shows 'Event Category' 2 23 October 2019
Recent Feedback on Current Website 1 6 November 2019
Build calendar view of events 2 23 October 2019
Final Draft Discussion on New Forum Redesign 1 17 October 2019
Unspecific bug 1 17 October 2019
Integrate a team calendar into the Build section 1 14 August 2019
Where should pages for Communities on our platform live? 1 22 August 2019
Bug: "Clear All Fields" button on Gather form cannot be seen properly 1 17 October 2019
Bug: All content except navbar disappears when clearing all fields in map 1 16 October 2019
Discussion: Current plan for navigation in the Build section 6 13 October 2019
Tool: Display most active users 1 13 October 2019
Tagging isn't working in mobile (sometimes) 10 12 October 2019
React Js Developer 2 7 October 2019
New User logged in Homepage: MVP version 1 7 October 2019
Navigation plugin edit. Not using relative urls prevents plugin working for us 1 7 October 2019
General Discussion Thread 1 26 September 2019
Example of the milestones and burn down chart we discussed. Where should we put it? 1 24 September 2019