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HTML Rule #1: Invite you most positive and proactive friends and contacts. that's how Movements start! Brighter Tomorrow Map Tools: Github - Missions - Roadmap - Chat - Live Map Wordpress SEO Tools: Chat - Missions - Action Center Sys Admin, Backend and Security Sys Admin, Backend and Security. Maintaining, Improving and Protecting the platform’s backbone, and all the projects built on it. Tools: Getting started Guide - Join the Team UX Team The UX team is concerned with improving the usability of this platform and the projects built on it. Tools: Getting Started Guide - Join the Team React Js and Meteor ReactJs and Meteor. Building mostly in the Gather section of our platform, and supporting the projects being built on it. Tools: Getting started Guide - Join the Team Ruby on Rails (Discourse and Docuss) Ruby on Rails. Building mostly in the Build section of our platform (this forum), and supporting the projects being built on it. Tools: Getting started Guide - Join the Team UI and Design
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Who’s here? What brings you here and what skills would you like to contribute, or learn?

68 13 January 2020
Report any Bugs you find

A forum to post bugs related to the Brighter tomorrow map.

20 10 August 2019
New Logo for The Public Happiness Movement 78 22 January 2020
[Search Bar Plugin] - Header search bar plugin 4 21 January 2020
Reviewing new Global section before we begin the build 51 21 January 2020
Test post test 1 21 January 2020
Small Bug. Admin button doesn't work 11 21 January 2020
[Kanban Plugin] Resolve conflicts between our mod and the updated master branch 1 15 January 2020
[Kanban plugin] Zoom in/out button on the kanban board to give a quick overview 1 19 July 2019
Install program to test site for vulnerabilities 11 20 January 2020
[User logged in Homepage] MVP homepage for logged in users 3 17 January 2020
[Splash Page] Creating a new home which looks like the forum, but operates slightly differently 1 16 January 2020
[API] Stats for each page pulled in from Discourse's stats page 2 17 January 2020
[Stats] Stats page modified to filter by Tag. It currently only works by Category 1 16 January 2020
[Events Plugin] Modify events plugin to work with tags 1 16 January 2020
[Overview] New Forum Build 1 15 January 2020
[Tag Navigation Plugin] creation of new plugin to bring tag navigation to the center of the user experience 1 16 January 2020
[Kanban Plugin] Make drag an drop work in mobile 1 19 July 2019
[Kanban Plugin] Bug Kanban cards loading time out 1 15 January 2020
[Kanban plugin] Build a Burn Up chart underneath the boards (in zoomed out view only) 1 19 July 2019
[Bug] PHM navbar doesn't collapse on iPad screens 1 22 July 2019
Create new page and copy text over (good 1st task for members learning our codebase) 1 16 January 2020
Review: Unit testing Fail Report 2 16 January 2020
Create tag synonyms for all our main tags 1 15 January 2020
Tags and Tag Synonyms 1 15 January 2020
Buttons have stopped working on android (chrome). Docuss issue 3 15 January 2020
Create React and iOS apps from the Discourse stock app 56 15 January 2020
Ooooh. I found a new cool toy for you to play with! 1 15 January 2020
[Floating Footer] Floating footer created 2 15 January 2020
Problem to solve: using the app users can't share a page with anyone as the address bar is hidden 8 15 January 2020