Web Developers

Topic Replies Activity
Create new page and copy text over (good 1st task for members learning our codebase) 1 16 January 2020
Create tag synonyms for all our main tags 1 15 January 2020
Tags and Tag Synonyms 1 15 January 2020
Buttons have stopped working on android (chrome). Docuss issue 3 15 January 2020
Ooooh. I found a new cool toy for you to play with! 1 15 January 2020
Problem to solve: using the app users can't share a page with anyone as the address bar is hidden 8 15 January 2020
Bug: When 1st loading the site it occasionally loads cards from other categories and needs refreshed 1 19 July 2019
Set lists should appear regardless of whether there are cards with that tag found or not 1 19 July 2019
Add a 'Discussion' hyperlink link above the kanban (Mission) boards which skips users down the page 1 19 July 2019
Navigation plugin edit. Not using relative urls prevents plugin working for us 2 15 January 2020
Unspecific bug 2 15 January 2020
Edit kanban theme component to allow it to load on tag-pages 1 19 July 2019
Discussion: Improving the ability to follow and friend other users and communities/charities 2 14 January 2020
Switch the forum to operate on tag-pages 1 13 August 2019
Final Draft Discussion on New Forum Redesign 1 17 October 2019
Tecnical and Design Discussion: How to implement a search bar which makes it easy for users to search multiple tags 1 22 August 2019
Bug: All content except navbar disappears when clearing all fields in map 4 14 January 2020
Testing and builds 8 14 January 2020
Bug: "Clear All Fields" button on Gather form cannot be seen properly 21 12 January 2020
Bug: On a mobile device, long titles cut off on pages. either prevent users adding too many characters, resize long titles, or push other elements down to make space 4 12 January 2020
Bug: i18n states 'Resource Category', map shows 'Event Category' 3 12 January 2020
Build calendar view of events 2 23 October 2019
Fix the React and CSS issues in these pages 13 12 January 2020
Discuss: I found a smooth looking Discourse Blog theme, should we convert our Wordpress Magazine to it? 1 10 January 2020
Bug: Geolocation blocking is breaking the site in Firefox 4 10 January 2020
Integrate a systemic solution to produce more team video calls in the action center 1 20 August 2019
Where should pages for Communities on our platform live? 1 22 August 2019
The Switch to Tag-Pages (with examples how to use them effectively) 1 17 August 2019
Web Developers: General Thread 1 6 December 2018
General Discussion Thread 1 26 September 2019